It is the Roaring Twenties. Prohibition becomes the law of the land. Women earned the right to vote. Speakeasies dot major cities, like New York. This is the world of Private Detective Joshua Oates, as he deals with dangerous mob bosses, arms dealers, beautiful dames, the police, and scheming politicians. With a growing Industrial Age, plus the advent of radio, motion pictures, and an increasing population, Oates solves crimes with the help of famous celebrities of history. So, curl up on an easy chair and go back in time to the Roaring Twenties to solve crimes with Joshua Oates and Angie Lang.
Famous escape artist and magician Harry Houdini befriends Oates and assists him in at least two of his adventures.
Ex-gunfighter and lawman of the old west, Bat Masterson became a New York City celebrity and newspaper columnist after the turn of the century. He is a central character in Target of Fear, A Darker Shade of Greed and appears in Murder by the Numbers as well.‚Äč