Steve Leshin- Author/Cartoonist
   Welcome readers. I am the author of the Joshua Oates Adventure Series. My interest in history led me to write my first novel Vengeance of The Ripper. My book pits Jack the Ripper against old west legend Wyatt Earp in 1908. The novel introduces a young police captain named Joshua Oates, who assists Wyatt and Bat Masterson. Target of Fear takes place in 1919 and follows the adventures of the former police captain, now a down-and-out but gutsy private detective, the same Joshua Oates. A Darker Shade of Greed picks up a year later. Oates must find a missing tailor before the mob does. Featuring Bat Masterson, Damon Runyon, and Babe Ruth. In my fourth book in the series, The Killer's Code Oates is hired by his ex-wife to find her missing child, one that could be his. He reunites with Wyatt Earp and Harry Houdini, and his relationship with Angie Lang takes a new turn. Murder by the Numbers​ finds Joshua Oates based in New York City. His life is in danger when a mysterious and very dangerous arms dealer wants a certain item from him. His romance with NYPD detective Angie Lang takes on a new dimension when he must meet her parents. My new book The Art Thief is now on Amazon. Oates must stop an international band of art thieves in 1921 New York.


"Simply put, the Joshua Oates novels are loads of fun. They are wonderful throwbacks to an earlier detective era, marked by a likable hero whose determination leads to fine yarns for Leshin to unwind."- Goodreads
"Target of Fear - This lively and atmospheric detective novel features significant figures from the past. The prose is crisp, straightforward, and rendered in a hard boiled/noir style. Having Marie Curie meet and befriend Harry Houdini is highly original and fresh. The ingredients for a unique and satisfying mystery are all here. Joshua Oates is a flawed and endearing protagonist."- Book Life Prize by Publisher's Weekly 
"A Darker Shade of Greed incorporates many twists and turns, including the return of a major character from this novel's terrific predecessor Target of Fear. Oates and his girlfriend detective Angie Lang confront one crazy challenge after another, each incident infectiously entertaining. The novel's ending promises more adventures to come from Leshin and his resilient private eye- ones I heartily look forward to devouring".- Michael  Harnett, Author 
Praise for the Joshua Oates Adventure                    Series
"The Killer's Code delivers"- Goodreads

"Murder by the Numbers" - Lovers of classic fiction will be tickled by characters that sound like they jumped out of a James Bond novel. Very highly recommended.-Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite